Schütze, wählen Sie bitte Ihr Geburtsjahr zur Inspektion von Ihrem persönlichen Tageshoroskop von berechnet mit Sonne, Mond und Planeten-Positionen, durch eine neue Astrologie-Technik in dem mit Hilfe von künstlicher Intelligenz sehr genaue Vorhersagen für jedes Sternzeichen und pro Jahrgang (jeden Tag also 1056 einzigartige Horoskop Prognosen) generiert werden können. Diese neue Astrologie-Software ist derzeit noch teilweise in Entwicklung und werden die kommenden Monaten weiter verbessert werden.

Uranus, your ruler, is on fine form today, so be true to your sign and do something out of the ordinary — the kind of thing no one would expect. Career-wise and money-wise you could hit the big time if you think and act fast.


Although you are far from being a loner by nature a full moon in the friendship area of your chart will make you even more sociable over the next couple of days. It’s party time! Others will be impressed by your stamina.


A remark you make as a bit of a joke will be taken seriously by someone in a position of power, and that could spell trouble. The moment you realize they are less than amused you must assure them it was meant in jest.


By all means let your heart rule your head. By all means do something silly if it makes someone you have feelings for smile. Your attitude to life has been much more relaxed of late. Keep it going as long as you can.


You may be tempted to tell a lie to avoid a conflict of some kind but chances are you will just make matters worse. The truth may be painful but only because it reveals something that needs to be dealt with.


Creatively and romantically you have a great deal going for you at the moment, but to make the most of it you need to be a bit more flexible. You don’t need to be suspicious of change — it’s good for you.


This will be one of those wonderful days when everything goes right for you, even if you do the wrong things. Fate is smiling on you, so smile back and make the most of your opportunities, of which there will be plenty.


You will find it much easier to reach your goals if you team up with people who share your aims and ambitions. You don’t have to be friends, you don’t even have to like one another, you just have to work together.


You will be prone to negative thoughts today, not because anything bad is happening but because your mind is looking for reasons to highlight what’s going wrong rather than what’s going right. Fight it. Don’t let fear control you.


So many of the things you have been worrying about mean nothing in the greater scheme of things, so promise yourself now, this very minute, that they will no longer be allowed to control you. And mean it.


Make an effort to explain things to people who don’t seem to grasp the basics as fast as you. All they need is a little nudge in the right direction and soon you will be on the same mental wavelength.


The financial axis of your chart is under a bit of strain at the moment, so be careful how you spend your money — better still don’t spend anything at all. Save what you’ve got for that proverbial “rainy day”.


Certain things cannot be done because you don’t have the resources to pursue them effectively. Once you accept that fact you can focus what resources you do have on areas where you can make a difference. There are plenty of them.


Your eagerness to succeed could lead you to show your hand too soon and make it easy for rivals to work out what you are trying to do. Don’t tell anyone, not even friends, what they don’t need to know.


Your life is perfect just as it is, so don’t be tempted to change things for the sake of it or, worse, because other people say that you should. The more pressure they pile on you the more you must keep things as they are.


Chances are you will fall out with a loved one or someone in a position of power over the next 24 hours. But that’s okay. Every now and again you have to have these quarrels to clear the air. This one is long overdue.


It’s not like you to let fear hold you back but for some reason you are reluctant to take the kind of risk you usually don’t think twice about. Maybe it’s your sixth sense trying to warn you. Whatever the reason, tread lightly.


Today’s solar eclipse promises that if you get your act together and let someone in a position of power know you are ambitious you will soon be moving up in the world. Don’t be shy — they want you to succeed.


If you find yourself up against forces that are difficult to cope with then it might be wise to back off. You may think there is a lot at stake but winning is not as important as it sometimes seems. Think long-term.


You can do no wrong and even your bitterest rivals want to see you do well. Can you believe that? You should, because it’s true. Everything will go right for you today – and you have every right to enjoy it.


As the Sun moves into your opposite sign you will find yourself having to deal with situations that require a more subtle approach. Don’t just take a “for” or “against” position: try to see things from different points of view.


This is the ideal time to look seriously at what you expect from life and whether you are likely to get it if you continue to follow the path you are on. If you want answers you must ask the right questions.


You may not be the sort to joke about serious subjects but try not to get too cross with someone who takes a flippant attitude to what you think is important today. Unlike you, they don’t know what is at stake.


The Sun is about to cross the career angle of your chart, giving your ambitions a much-needed boost. Don’t take the support of powerful people for granted though. You may not be as fireproof as you seem to believe.


Just because something is wrong for other people does not mean it is wrong for you. Today’s new moon will encourage you to be more adventurous in your thinking, even if it puts you at odds with the majority. Explore new possibilities.


You have nothing to fear and everything to look forward to but for some reason you can’t shake the feeling that something awful is going to happen. Well it’s not, so put doom-laden thoughts out of your head and get on with your life.


If you have something important to say now is the time to make yourself heard. Not everyone will appreciate your forthright attitude but that won’t worry you one little bit — on the contrary, it will encourage you.


Anyone who tries to engage you in idle chatter or malicious gossip will soon learn you are not in the mood to play games. You have important things to do and time is running out, so stay focused on your goals.


Different people have different personalities and because of that tend to look at the world in different ways. Bear that thought in mind when dealing with someone who, to your way of thinking, seems a bit stupid.


The planets warn that if you don’t play by the book today you could find yourself in a heap of trouble. Be wary of anyone who tries to encourage you to take unnecessary risks. What’s in it for them?


You will come up with an ingenious solution to a long-standing problem today and everyone will be impressed. You will even impress yourself, and it takes a lot to do that. Aim high, then go even higher.


Are you doing something useful with your life? No doubt you are but you also know there is more you could and should be doing. So get serious about it. Join with people who share your concerns and change the world for the better.


Don’t agree to something just because you cannot be bothered to argue about it. If you take the easy way out now you will have major problems later on when partners and colleagues hold you to your promise. Learn to say “no.”


You’ve kept your head down of late but you will be less fearful today about the path you are planning to take. Yes, of course, some people won’t like it, but do they matter? No they do not. It’s what you want that counts.


The Sun’s transit of one of the more sensitive areas of your chart makes you a bit hesitant, but that’s no bad thing. While others take risks and make fools of themselves you weigh up the odds and make all the right moves.


You don’t have to take an interest in the affairs of other people, and in fact it’s probably best that you do not. Being the sensitive sort you could easily find that their woes become your woes, and that’s bad.


Pretend that your rivals and enemies do not exist and act as if the world is your friend. You have a natural talent for winning others over with your warmth and sensitivity, but you don’t always make the most of it. Change that from today.


Don’t agree to something just because you cannot be bothered to argue about it. If you take the easy way out now you will have major problems later on when partners and colleagues hold you to your promise. Learn to say “no.”


There are so many good things going on in your world that you may worry you don’t really deserve it all – but you do. The planets are simply rewarding you for past efforts you made on other people’s behalf.


What appears to be an obvious fact to you may look like complete fiction to someone else. Once you’ve got your head round the idea that all things are relative you won’t get dragged into disputes that waste your precious time.


Do you tell a friend what they need to hear, or what they want to hear? It’s got to be the former, even though they may dislike what you say and dislike you for saying it. They’ll thank you one day.


Someone will try to embarrass you today but they will only succeed if you allow yourself to feel guilty about what you have done. If anything you should go to the other extreme and embrace what sets you apart from other people.


You may have to change your plans at the last moment today and you won’t be too happy about it, but the good news is the change will work in your favor. Ultimately all change is good but some change works faster than others.


As usual you will be on the go from dawn to dusk, but cosmic activity in the wellbeing area of your chart is a bit unstable at the moment, so don’t take unnecessary risks. And don’t expect others to take them for you.


People know you can be a bit controversial at times but what you say today will antagonize a lot of people. Good. They need to be told that life is what it is, not what they wish it might be.


It is of the utmost importance that you are honest with people today, even to the extent of admitting to your failings. No one expects you to be perfect — in fact they like you just as you are.


Whether or not you enjoy certain tasks depends on your attitude: if you think they are going to be boring they will be boring; if you think they are going to be fun they will be fun. Approach what you have to do as a game to be won.


Don’t waste time worrying that what you are planning may not be possible, just get on and do it and before you know it you’ll be flying. Today’s Sun-Pluto union means there is precious little you cannot do — and so many remarkable things you can.


Make sure that your employer and any other important people you have dealings with know who you are and what you can do. You may be quite happy in your present position but you will be happier still with a promotion.


You may not be the sort to joke about serious subjects but try not to get too cross with someone who takes a flippant attitude to what you think is important today. Unlike you, they don’t know what is at stake.


There is a great deal of tension in your life at the moment and with Mars and Pluto both strong today it could reach a peak. The good news is that once that peak is reached you will accomplish something truly remarkable.


Having given your word about something you cannot now go and break it just because circumstances have changed and it suits you to change too. If you do, your reputation will head south fast, and so will your finances.


Not everyone shares your way of looking at the world, and you need to get your head around that fact. Having said that, there are many people who do share a similar viewpoint. Seek them out and do things together over the next few days.


The Sun at odds with Jupiter urges you to change things around a bit, but before you start rearranging both the furniture and your lifestyle ask yourself if it’s really necessary. Could be you’re just making work for yourself.


It would be smart to keep your opinions to yourself over the next 24 hours, but it’s unlikely you will do so. Maybe it’s for the best. Maybe it’s time you laid down the law. But make sure you stick to the law too.


You have got to be active if you want to succeed. For best results today get out into the world and meet as many new people as you can. Luck is most likely to come when you are on the move.


Your instincts seem to be telling you that there is bad news on the way but don’t jump to conclusions. Most likely all you will have to do is let go of an unrealistic ambition. After that, it’s good news all the way.


No matter how much work you have on your plate you will get through it all in record time. Your appetite for detail is remarkable, so get on with it and reward yourself at the end of the day with a night on the town.


A flash of insight could change your life for the better. What you realize may not be that important in itself but the implications for the way you go about your business could be enormous. A life change is imminent.


You may have been in one of your gloom and doom moods of late but now that Mercury, your ruling planet, is moving through the most dynamic area of the sky your outlook will improve — and as your outlook improves so will your luck.


Speak up and say your piece today, regardless of the effect it might have on other people. The truth should never be suppressed and anyone who tells you otherwise obviously has something to hide. Maybe you do too!


The planets are tempting you to make big claims for yourself, which could lead to problems when others discover you lack relevant experience. You don’t need to boast, not when you have talents that will always be in demand.


What is happening in your life may be part of the grand cosmic plan but you must not use that as an excuse to ignore your responsibilities. There may indeed be a plan but there is also free will.


A family problem that has been worrying you will disappear as if by magic today. The reason it worked itself out was because you did not interfere. That should give you a clue how to handle an affair of the heart issue too.


There is so much activity in your opposite sign at the moment that it may seem as if you have no control over what is going on. That may or may not be true but you can and you must control yourself. Don’t overreact.


It’s okay to be assertive — you are, after all, a cardinal sign — but don’t go too far. In the short-term you may succeed in forcing people to do your bidding but in the long-term the dictatorial approach is sure to backfire.


Whatever your personal code of conduct may be you must live up to it today. If you fall short in any way your rivals will seize on that fact to make you look bad. Make sure you can reach your lofty ideals.


You might like to change the world but that simply isn’t possible. You can, however, change yourself, and that should be your number one aim over the next few days. Be a good example — and the world will get better too.


Be true to who you are and what you believe, even if it means you clash with someone in a position of power. Chances are they will admire your strength of character and your clarity of purpose. It’s hard not to.


The Sun’s transit of one of the more sensitive areas of your chart makes you a bit hesitant, but that’s no bad thing. While others take risks and make fools of themselves you weigh up the odds and make all the right moves.


There are so many good things going on in your world that you may worry you don’t really deserve it all – but you do. The planets are simply rewarding you for past efforts you made on other people’s behalf.


You may not much like what you are expected to do today but you are advised to do it anyway. If employers and other important people see you are prepared to do things for them they will more likely do things for you.


You are under no obligation to continue with a relationship or partnership that has turned into a liability. The Sun’s imminent change of signs means a parting of the ways may be the best, even the only, solution.


It’s not like you to fear something you don’t understand but that seems to be the case at the moment. How do you overcome it? By finding out as much about it as you possibly can. Knowledge lets in the light.


What you own and what you earn is high on your agenda at the moment and will get even higher over the next few days. Find ways to boost your income and try to work it so that you help other people too.


If you make a mistake of some kind today you must admit it immediately. Don’t try to pretend that it wasn’t you because there are critical eyes watching your every move. It’s no big deal: just say sorry and move on.


The next couple of days could be a bit challenging, especially on the work front where events beyond your control may frustrate your attempts to get on top of your schedule. Take the hint and don’t try so hard.


Take it easy today, and for the next few days, because there are some busy times ahead. Changes on the work front could affect you in serious ways, so save your physical, mental and emotional energy.


If you need to reduce your tasks and chores, either because you are working too hard or because opportunities to enjoy yourself are difficult to come by, now is the time to be ruthless. If you don’t know already, learn how to say “No”.


Don’t be afraid to open your mouth and make a noise over the next 48 hours. Certain things have to be said, certain things have to be brought into the open, and it is your job to make sure it happens. Be as honest as you please.


You must not give other people the impression that you can be easily influenced or manipulated. You may want a quiet life but that does not mean you can just give in on every issue. Make a stand today.


Because you are so full of yourself at the moment you could say something thoughtless and hurt someone emotionally. If it happens you can lessen the damage by immediately saying sorry. Better still, keep your mouth shut.


Events beyond your control will make you somewhat nervous today but the planets indicate you won’t be affected. The only thing that has the potential to hurt you is if you get involved in emotional issues that don’t concern you.


A few days from now you will know for certain if something you have been planning stands a realistic chance of success. You may be impatient to get on with it but you are advised not to rush. Time’s still on your side.


You may not be able to explain why certain things are happening but there is no reason to get worked up about them. Your best course is to go with the flow and not get anxious about where it might take you.


A rival needs putting in their place and you will get the chance to bring them down a notch or two over the next few days. Don’t worry about hurting their feelings. Would they worry about you if the roles were reversed?


If you ask the same old questions you will, inevitably, get the same old answers. You need to adopt a more adventurous approach today. You need, most of all, to follow your dream. Don’t even think of failure.


For best results today you should be totally honest about your feelings, even in situations where a backlash is likely. You may lose out in some way in the short-term but in the long-term your reputation will soar.