Fische, wählen Sie bitte Ihr Geburtsjahr zur Inspektion von Ihrem persönlichen Tageshoroskop von berechnet mit Sonne, Mond und Planeten-Positionen, durch eine neue Astrologie-Technik in dem mit Hilfe von künstlicher Intelligenz sehr genaue Vorhersagen für jedes Sternzeichen und pro Jahrgang (jeden Tag also 1056 einzigartige Horoskop Prognosen) generiert werden können. Diese neue Astrologie-Software ist derzeit noch teilweise in Entwicklung und werden die kommenden Monaten weiter verbessert werden.

You may be tempted to invest in something you don’t know much about but when you start thinking like that you are likely to make a costly mistake. According to the planets a bubble is about to burst. Don’t be one of those who get caught out.


Someone will try to embarrass you today but they will only succeed if you allow yourself to feel guilty about what you have done. If anything you should go to the other extreme and embrace what sets you apart from other people.


You seem to believe that time is running out, that if you don’t move quickly you will miss out. But time never runs out. You will always get another chance. Don’t put pressure on yourself unnecessarily.


Because the Sun is transiting the most sensitive area of your chart at the moment you seem to be spending a lot of time looking back. That’s okay — the more you look back now the quicker you will move forwards later.


Your eagerness to succeed could lead you to show your hand too soon and make it easy for rivals to work out what you are trying to do. Don’t tell anyone, not even friends, what they don’t need to know.


Your instincts may not be as reliable as they usually are today, so think twice before making changes. You can, however, rely on friends and relatives to give you good advice, so listen to what they tell you and act on it.


Any barriers you encounter today are there for a reason, so don’t moan that fate is being unkind because, more likely than not, it is doing you a favor. It seems you need to finish one thing before you can start another.


Happiness is a state of mind and you will be on top of the world over the next 48 hours. If you get the chance to go some place new with your friends then take it and don’t worry about the time or the cost.


A feud that has been dragging on for some time is beginning to wear you down, so why not end it? Are you big enough to make the first approach and say you want to be friends again? If so, make that approach now.


Don’t limit yourself to tried and trusted methods. Try to explore new ways of doing things, especially on the work front where, if you stand out from the crowd, a promotion or pay rise is a real possibility.


Make sure that what you wish for today is what you truly desire because once you get it — and you will — you may not be able to hand it back again. That goes double for your love life: be careful who you flirt with!


It’s not like you to get emotionally worked up but with your ruler Mars at odds with unpredictable Uranus today something or someone will get you raging. Maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe you need to let off some steam.


You may decide, with good reason, that you don’t want to take on extra duties on the work front, and you are within your rights to say so. You’re not interested in doing more – you want to do better.


Once you start arguing with a partner or loved one you may find it hard to stop today, so don’t start in the first place. Bite your lip and keep that wounding comeback to yourself. Don’t fan the flames.


Today’s Sun-Neptune aspect could make you rather irritable, especially if you have to deal with people who tend to let their emotions get in the way of common sense. Don’t come down to their level. Stay calm.


You will experience a shift in the way you think over the next few days. Your views are more likely to change now than at any other time, so don’t restrict yourself to what you already know — it’s what you learn next that matters.


Don’t commit yourself to anything you have not checked out for yourself, not even if a friend you trust tells you there is nothing to worry about. That may be true for them but can you be sure it is true for you?


What you see today won’t necessarily be what you get. In fact, you should be on your guard as tricksters of one kind or another are on the prowl. For the moment, at least, it may pay you to be suspicious.


Partnerships of all kinds should be easier to handle now. No matter how many arguments you’ve had with friends and relatives you will at last find some common ground. That applies to work relationships too. You’re on the same side.


With Pluto, planet of passion, turning direct in the area of your chart that governs affairs of the heart this is the ideal time to let that special person know how you feel about them. Don’t just say it – show it.


So many things are changing that it’s quite bewildering for someone as straightforward as you. But don’t fight it. You don’t have to be at the cutting edge of new discoveries but you do have to move with the times . . . slowly.


Money buys many things but it can’t buy self-respect, so keep your standards up over the next 24 hours and don’t get involved in anything devious or dishonest. Not that you would be tempted, of course.


A relationship that has been in the doldrums can be revived over the next few days, simply by believing that you are better off as a couple than as two individuals. It’s a great time to kiss and make up.


The reason you have lost interest in something is because your attitude towards it has changed. The reason your attitude towards it has changed is because you now see it is not so important. Help others see it too.


This is not really the best time to be looking a long way ahead. You should be looking at what is in front of you right now — because your next step is the one that matters. The future will take care of itself.


A flash of insight could change your life for the better. What you realize may not be that important in itself but the implications for the way you go about your business could be enormous. A life change is imminent.


According to your solar chart the one thing you are anxious about is the one thing that cannot possibly hurt you, so stop worrying, summon up your reserves of courage and make the most of your not inconsiderable talents.


Cosmic activity in one of the more sensitive areas of your chart will encourage you to look closely at your lifestyle and commitments. What can you do to streamline your day? To start with you can do less for other people!


Your timing seems to be off at the moment but don’t worry because everything will come right in the end. Today’s Mars-Saturn link warns that the harder you try to change things the worse they will get, so don’t try.


You may be worried about your money situation but that’s okay because it will encourage you to search harder for a solution. A friend or relative will come up with an idea to improve your cash flow. It’s a good one.


You may want to give up on something that is proving more difficult than you anticipated but if you do you will hate yourself for it later. What’s a bit of mental or physical pain when the rewards are so great? Stick it out!


Cosmic activity in the most sensitive area of your chart urges you to be kind to yourself. You may look tough on the outside but on an inner level you are struggling with doubt. That’s okay. No one expects you to be perfect.


Put aside some time today to think about the direction your life is moving in and, if it is not the direction you are happy with, how you can make changes. A major shift may be needed but you’re up for the challenge.


Moderation is essential today, especially when dealing with people who don’t take kindly to being told what to do. Not everyone shares your vision or beliefs and even those who do like to be treated as equals. Remember that.


Everything seems to be falling into place at the moment, but there is a danger you could spoil things by focusing on minor failures and not allowing yourself to enjoy your bigger successes. Try not to be too self-critical.


As Mercury, planet of communication, crosses the career angle of your chart today you can make a big impression on employers and authority figures. If you think your talents are being overlooked now is the time to speak up.


People who have an inflated sense of their own importance are often easy to influence – or should that be manipulate? – and you can use that fact to your advantage today. Use your powers of persuasion to get what you need.


The best way to deal with people who take themselves too seriously is to laugh at them. Not to their faces, perhaps, but certainly behind their backs. If they act like fools they should be treated like fools.


A relationship that has been in the doldrums can be revived over the next few days, simply by believing that you are better off as a couple than as two individuals. It’s a great time to kiss and make up.


You have been in the background for too long. Now you must push your way to the front and let the world see what a marvelous talent you are. Show yourself, sell yourself and, above all, enjoy yourself.


You must cooperate with friends and co-workers because it’s the only way you are going to get anything worthwhile done. You don’t have to give up your own ideas but you do have to listen to other people’s occasionally.


Today’s Mars-Uranus opposition will test your loyalties at home and work, or maybe between home and work. It won’t be possible to make everyone happy, so do what makes you happy.


There is something you really want, something you desire more than anything else, but up until now you have been unable to get it. The approaching eclipse could change things dramatically, but there will be consequences too.


You may crave security but you also need to be challenged and these two aims need not be incompatible. Over the next seven days you will find new ways to make your mark on the world, without the world leaving its dark mark on you.


Moderation is essential today, especially when dealing with people who don’t take kindly to being told what to do. Not everyone shares your vision or beliefs and even those who do like to be treated as equals. Remember that.


Someone is trying to make you feel guilty about something that was not entirely your fault. Don’t let it happen. As Mars changes signs today you need to toughen up a bit — if you don’t your bank balance may suffer.


You may not be able to explain why certain things are happening but there is no reason to get worked up about them. Your best course is to go with the flow and not get anxious about where it might take you.


Don’t let anyone persuade you that you need to cut back on the many tasks you have set yourself, because if you do you will quickly get bored. If anything you should be doing more now, not less.


If you lose your temper today you will go all the way and give some unfortunate soul your very personal equivalent of hell. No doubt they deserve it but, once your initial rage is over, make an effort to be friends again.


Certain things cannot be done because you don’t have the resources to pursue them effectively. Once you accept that fact you can focus what resources you do have on areas where you can make a difference. There are plenty of them.


With Venus, planet of affection, moving through your sign you will find it easy enough to get your way, but is your way the right way? Listen to advice from those you trust before you act. You still have lots to learn.


Today’s solar eclipse promises that if you get your act together and let someone in a position of power know you are ambitious you will soon be moving up in the world. Don’t be shy — they want you to succeed.


Although you give others the impression that you are super confident you actually worry a lot and that is something you need to come to terms with over the next few days. Doubts cannot be permitted. Act first and don’t worry about it later.


It’s good to be generous but you should also be aware that the more you give the more some people take. Charity is for those who genuinely cannot help themselves. Be generous today, but be sensible too.


Don’t worry too much if you exchange some less than kind words with a partner or relative today because it’s no big deal. Everyone falls out once in a while, even those who love one another. It’s not the end of the world.


You must let certain people know that you do not exist merely for their convenience. This may come as a surprise as you have allowed them to get away with so much in the past, but now it’s time to draw a line.


You may be in the minority as far as certain viewpoints are concerned but according to the planets you are on the side of the angels, so stop worrying about what others might think and do what you know to be right.


Today’s quite positive cosmic influences suggest that if you look at a dilemma with your eyes open and with a determination to deal with it once and for all you won’t be in a tight spot for long. Is there an alternative?


Be gentle and generous with friends and family members. No matter how many times in the past you may have fallen out you will get along brilliantly today and over the holiday period. ‘Tis the season to be jolly.


You need to do something about a friendship that is going rapidly downhill. Be honest about why you have fallen out and accept that you are probably as much to blame as they are. You’re still good for each other.


You may find it hard to trust someone you work or do business with, but what choice do you have? By all means keep your wits about you but don’t make it obvious you think they may try to cheat you. That’s like an invitation.


A few days from now you will know for certain if something you have been planning stands a realistic chance of success. You may be impatient to get on with it but you are advised not to rush. Time’s still on your side.


You expect to accomplish great things but there is a danger you might put so much pressure on yourself that you feel defeated before you have even begun. Aim high, of course, but make sure your target is always in sight.


Some habits are easy to break but others are exceedingly difficult to change and one such habit will cause you a certain amount of grief today. Which begs the question: do you really need to change it? Why not just enjoy it?


Don’t allow yourself to be sidetracked by details and trivia. Focus on essentials, such as getting ahead in your career and making a fortune from your big ideas. Let others take care of the everyday stuff for a change.


Before you open your mouth and give your opinion on one of the burning issues of the day stop for a moment and think what the consequences might be. You may be entirely correct but try not to be quite so confrontational about it.


If you need to reduce your tasks and chores, either because you are working too hard or because opportunities to enjoy yourself are difficult to come by, now is the time to be ruthless. If you don’t know already, learn how to say “No”.


Lead by example today. Simply issuing orders and expecting others to carry them out is not going to succeed, especially at work where you are more likely to spark a rebellion. Sometimes you can be too assertive.


The most important thing now is that you keep the momentum you have built up going. Follow through on what you have started and don’t allow yourself to be distracted by petty people and meaningless events.


The world will seem a happier place over the next 48 hours, and no matter what you may be up to you must find time to have fun. Sometimes you can be too serious for your own good, but not now!


Don’t think of yourself as a failure just because something you tried did not work out as well as you hoped it would. All experience is good experience and this experience will teach you some important life lessons.


Because today’s full moon occurs in the communications area of your chart what comes out of your mouth could seem unnecessarily rude to other people’s ears. Think about what you are going to say before you actually say it — then say it with love.


Watch out you don’t get emotional about things that don’t really matter. It’s unlikely that anything really bad will happen if you do but you may feel a bit silly later when you realize how far you went over the top.


Others may have the upper hand at the moment but that does not mean you are powerless to act. On the contrary, the approaching new moon urges you to reach out and make things happen. Just be careful who you touch.


It’s part of your nature to look for compromises and that’s good because you won’t get far without them over the next 24 hours. No matter how convinced you may be that others are in the wrong you must try to meet them halfway.


Something of a creative or artistic nature will make excellent progress over the next seven days and by the time that Jupiter enters your sign on the 6th others will be praising your efforts to the skies. You deserve their adulation.


Bring your thoughts down to earth and start looking at ways you can make your life more secure financially. Grand ideas and plans can be fun but like everyone else you have to pay the bills. Make some money.


A more assertive phase in your life will begin shortly but before it does you need to make sure that you are going to be assertive about the right things. What is it that inspires you? Make that alone the focus of your attention.


Don’t be afraid to disagree with someone in a position of authority today because the planets warn if you don’t stand up for yourself they will make other demands you find difficult to accept. What does your conscience tell you? Do it.


You want nothing more than to be left alone at the moment and if other people know what’s good for them they will give you plenty of time and space. If they don’t know what’s good for them, they’ll soon learn!


You can change something about your life that you no longer enjoy. And you can channel the time and energy you save into more productive activities. But you’ve got to start now. You’ve waited long enough.


You don’t usually pay attention to conspiracy theories but what happens over the next few days will make you wonder if maybe there is something going on, something you should know about. It won’t hurt to investigate.


An issue that has been causing you problems is about to improve, although it may take a few days to get sorted. Don’t try to hang on to things that are being taken away from you – you’re better off without them.


A flash of insight could change your life for the better. What you realize may not be that important in itself but the implications for the way you go about your business could be enormous. A life change is imminent.


Anything of a creative nature will go well for you today but it will go even better if you make an effort to bring other people into your plans. Let friends and family members know you want them by your side. And mean it.


There is not much point trying to deny that you have made a mess of something because everyone can see the less than impressive results. But just because you failed does not make you a failure. On the contrary, it makes success much more likely next time.


What you see today won’t necessarily be what you get. In fact, you should be on your guard as tricksters of one kind or another are on the prowl. For the moment, at least, it may pay you to be suspicious.


You want to be decisive, you want to be dynamic, but it just isn’t working. Maybe you should take the hint and stop trying so hard. It’s not really about how much you do but how deeply you think and how intensely you feel.