Krebs, wählen Sie bitte Ihr Geburtsjahr zur Inspektion von Ihrem persönlichen Tageshoroskop von berechnet mit Sonne, Mond und Planeten-Positionen, durch eine neue Astrologie-Technik in dem mit Hilfe von künstlicher Intelligenz sehr genaue Vorhersagen für jedes Sternzeichen und pro Jahrgang (jeden Tag also 1056 einzigartige Horoskop Prognosen) generiert werden können. Diese neue Astrologie-Software ist derzeit noch teilweise in Entwicklung und werden die kommenden Monaten weiter verbessert werden.

You must choose between spending more time with your family and more time on your work. Is that really so hard to do? Success in the material world is good, of course, but it means nothing if love is lacking.


Solar and planetary activity in the most imaginative area of your chart encourages you to think the unthinkable. Others may say you are dreaming, and maybe you are, but why is that a bad thing? Everyone needs dreams, you more than most.


You are who you are for a reason and no one has the right to demand that you be different. Someone may think they have forced you into a corner but they’re mad if they think you will change.


If you have fallen behind in your schedule and need to catch up this will be a busy day. If you are ahead in your work it will still be a busy day but you’ll also be able to treat yourself to something nice. Treat others too.


You may need to remind people you live and work with that you are a flesh and blood human being just like them. They seem to have got the impression lately that you are all business and no fun.


Don’t worry if you have not made enough of your opportunities because you will get another chance — in fact you will get as many chances as you need. Spend the day with friends — they’ll remind you how good it is just to be alive.


Knowledge is power and the more you know about what others are up to the better placed you will be to get something out of it. Are we talking blackmail here? Of course not, perish the thought!


Stand up for what you believe in and don’t let anyone, no matter how powerful, tell you that you have no right to your own opinions. The more they criticize you the more likely it is they fear your ideas.


Someone in a position of authority may be an idiot (there’s really no other way to put it) but they have got the power to make life difficult for you, so watch what you say. Better still, say nothing at all.


Put yourself in a loved one’s hands and let them decide how you are going to spend the day. What you do is of less importance than the fact that you are doing it together — it’s something that will make you both very happy.


The pen is mightier than the sword. True or false? It will certainly be true today as communications planet Mercury moves into the most dynamic area of your chart. Reach out and make contact. Broadcast your vision to the world.


Do whatever it takes to stay positive today, even though your sixth sense is telling you that something in your world is very far from right. Your instincts are not infallible and this time, it seems, they are way off course.


Certain people may be obstructive and there may be times when you come close to losing your temper, but the planets warn that is exactly what they are hoping you will do. Stay calm and don’t give them any excuse to retaliate.


If you are finding a simple task difficult for some reason then maybe you should take it as a sign that you need a break. You have been pushing yourself rather hard of late. Think of your health. Your wellbeing must always come first.


What happens today will test your self-restraint to its limits. Hopefully you will resist the urge to rant and rave and make accusations because no matter what might have upset you it’s really not worth getting worked up about.


If you need to make up with someone who, for whatever reason, you recently had words with, let them know now, this very minute, that you want to be friends again. Your relationship is too precious to let it fall apart over something trivial.


People know you can be a bit controversial at times but what you say today will antagonize a lot of people. Good. They need to be told that life is what it is, not what they wish it might be.


Take good care of your health today because the planets warn you could do yourself some damage if you push too hard. That applies to exercise as well as to work: take it a step at a time and you’ll take the day in your stride.


Listen carefully to what friends and family and work colleagues are saying. It may seem like idle chatter but in there somewhere is information that can be turned to your own advantage. Listen. Learn. Act.


Don’t try to keep your thoughts to yourself today because others will know in an instant that you are trying to hide something. The potential for embarrassment is not as great as you fear, so tell them what’s on your mind.


Be honest with yourself about what it is you desire and what it is you are prepared to do to possess it. Some kind of sacrifice will have to be made and only you can decide if it is worth it. Decide soon.


You may secretly believe that you can challenge someone whose authority exceeds your own, but the planets urge you to keep your ambitions in check a while longer. You’re still not quite ready to take their place.


What happens over the next few days will surely remind you that it is not where you look but how you look that determines the way you see the world. Be positive in your outlook and the world will be positive too.


Did something go wrong for a particular reason? Or was it just one of those things that no amount of preparing and planning could prevent? Either way don’t lose sleep over it. Greet today with a brand new dream.


Try not to be suspicious if someone in a position of authority suddenly starts treating you like their number one buddy. Yes, it’s strange they should be acting this way but the planets indicate it’s not a trick — and you need friends in high places.


You seem to be hitting all your targets and fulfilling all your ambitions now that the Sun is transiting your birth sign. Good for you, but don’t forget that not everyone is having it so easy. What can you do to ease a loved one’s pain?


Someone is desperate for you to tell them how much you appreciate them. The good news is you will find it easy to open up and reveal your innermost thoughts. They’ll love you for it all the more.


You have become a bit too set in your ways of late and what happens today will bring that fact home forcefully. It’s time for a change – which may not be your favorite word but you know what it means.


Avoid the temptation to take risks that don’t need to be taken. Keep things simple and keep in mind that, while what you get out of life may be related to what you put in, you don’t have to risk everything.


There is not much point trying to deny that you have made a mess of something because everyone can see the less than impressive results. But just because you failed does not make you a failure. On the contrary, it makes success much more likely next time.


It’s good to speak your mind, but if you are wise you won’t say anything too outrageous today. A difficult aspect between Mercury, your ruler, and Jupiter, planet of excess, could tempt you to go over the top.


You may be angry that you made a bad decision but you are human like everyone else, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Use this setback to motivate yourself to try again. There’s always a next time.


If you go out of your way to help someone now they will go out of their way to help you later on. Don’t think only of what you might gain though — you should assist them even if there is nothing in it for you.


Not everyone shares your way of looking at the world, and you need to get your head around that fact. Having said that, there are many people who do share a similar viewpoint. Seek them out and do things together over the next few days.


Stay calm and be patient and don’t try to force the pace over the next 24 hours. Where your work is concerned you may have no choice but to wait while those who think and act more slowly than you struggle to catch up.


A rival needs putting in their place and you will get the chance to bring them down a notch or two over the next few days. Don’t worry about hurting their feelings. Would they worry about you if the roles were reversed?


This is not really the best time to be looking a long way ahead. You should be looking at what is in front of you right now — because your next step is the one that matters. The future will take care of itself.


Why are you trying so hard to convince people that your ideas are best? Maybe they are but you don’t need to convert those who disagree with you. If your ideas are meaningful others will follow when they are ready.


Listen to what friends and relatives have to tell you today, especially if they are giving you advice on your finances. You may think you know best but the planets warn you are making assumptions that could prove costly.


You may not see the point of what you are being asked to do but do it anyway. If you knuckle down and make an early start on it the task will be finished it by lunchtime — and the rest of the day is your own.


Cosmic events in the work and well-being area of your chart urges you to make detailed plans before embarking on anything new. Make sure you research all the pros and cons and do’s and don’ts before starting a new fitness regime.


The way you look at the world has been changing for quite some time and today’s full moon will make it easier for you to accept that some things have changed irrevocably. You don’t need such a materialistic outlook on life.


You may not be the most emotional member of the zodiac but you will feel deeply for someone today. This is the perfect time to let loved ones know how much you care for them. Don’t just say it — prove it.


Put loved ones first today. Whatever it is that you desire can easily be put off to a later date, but what they want has to be dealt with now, and the simple fact is they can’t do it without you.


Something you are expected to do may not make a lot of sense but do it anyway and then forget it. If the powers that be say it’s got to be done then trust them to know what they are talking about.


You may look tough on the outside but you are a lot more sensitive than most people realize. That means you get low sometimes, but it also means you experience incredible highs, and you’ll be on one today. Enjoy it!


You will have to deal with someone who sees things from a different perspective today, but that does not mean you cannot get along. Say your piece, then listen to what they have to tell you. You can learn from each other.


Grab some time for yourself today. Your work schedule may be busy but you need to think about some more personal issues, so if you feel the need to disappear for a few hours just do so.


Put yourself in a loved one’s hands and let them decide how you are going to spend the day. What you do is of less importance than the fact that you are doing it together — it’s something that will make you both very happy.


What you need more than anything now is to get together with a group of people who share your tastes, interests and opinions. They are out there waiting for you but you won’t find them by sitting at home.


You cannot expect to control each and every situation in life and if you do then disappointment is inevitable. Use your brain to identify those areas where your actions can make a difference – and focus exclusively on them.


You may be suspicious of someone’s motives but don’t go public about them just yet. There is a chance you are jumping at shadows and your doubts have little or no basis in fact. Do some checking before you open your mouth.


You could easily spend lots of money and have nothing to show for it by the end of the day, so maybe you should leave your credit cards at home. Remember: the two things you can never buy are love and happiness.


Today’s Sun-Mercury union will help you make whatever changes you think are necessary in your lifestyle, your career and your relationships. But don’t make changes for the sake of it.


Everyone is born with a purpose and you are no exception, so find out what it is and then commit yourself to seeing it through to the end. Don’t hide away in the background where you cannot be seen.


If you feel as if you are trapped in a dead end job with no way out then obviously you are doing something wrong. Start thinking seriously about a career change. What do you really want to do? Make it happen.


You don’t have to be cracking jokes every two minutes to keep others amused. The moon, your ruler, endows you with a wonderful sense of humor but it should be used sparingly – and perhaps not at all today.


The planets are urging you to be a bit less suspicious than you usually are. Rest assured you won’t lose out by going along with what a friend or work colleague proposes — you may even make some money from it.


You may feel that you are destined for bigger and better things and you may be right but it won’t happen as if by magic. Determine your number one priority today – then go for it to the exclusion of everything else.


The giant planet Jupiter is giving you some big ideas but how will those ideas translate into practice? That is the question you must answer today, and when you have answered it then you must act. Don’t think too long.


You want to be decisive, you want to be dynamic, but it just isn’t working. Maybe you should take the hint and stop trying so hard. It’s not really about how much you do but how deeply you think and how intensely you feel.


You may be a little confused by all the changes taking place in your life but that’s no bad thing. If you can’t get a handle on what’s happening you won’t waste time thinking about it too deeply. Sometimes you think too much.


Shake up your everyday routine. Use Mars in the work area of your chart to get on top of your chores. Do everything at double quick time — then use the time you have saved to indulge and enjoy yourself in more creative activities.


If someone offers you their help today you should think long and hard before you accept. Will there be something you have to do for them in return? Will you lose more in a month than you gain in a day? If so, give it a miss.


You may think that someone is behaving badly, and maybe they are, but it is not your job to point it out to them. You can, though, help them up off the floor after their ego has taken a fall today.


You don’t lack for compassion, but you are not the sort to go spreading it here, there and everywhere — and that’s good. Others may be fooled into thinking that a kind word is enough to change the world, but you know it takes action. So act.


Don’t bother sticking to a rigid plan of action because it will severely limit your options. In fact it might be best if you had no plan at all. Take life as it comes and enjoy the unique nature of each and every moment.


Activities you take part in with friends will go extremely well today. Your energy and enthusiasm will also impress employers and other important people, but keep your opinions to yourself – some of them are a bit controversial!


The approaching lunar eclipse in your sign could play havoc with your emotions over the next 48 hours. There is not a lot you can do about it except hold on tight and hope you survive. You will, of course. You always do.


You cannot keep your thoughts and feelings hidden indefinitely — at some stage you are going to have to come clean with friends and family. Mercury, planet of communication, will help you find the words you need to explain yourself.


Some habits are easy to break but others are exceedingly difficult to change and one such habit will cause you a certain amount of grief today. Which begs the question: do you really need to change it? Why not just enjoy it?


Steer clear of situations that are challenging and stay away from people whose negativity annoys you. If others get the impression that you are being aloof that’s okay. It means they are more likely to leave you alone.


If you go out of your way to help someone now they will go out of their way to help you later on. Don’t think only of what you might gain though — you should assist them even if there is nothing in it for you.


Be honest with yourself about what it is you desire and what it is you are prepared to do to possess it. Some kind of sacrifice will have to be made and only you can decide if it is worth it. Decide soon.


You may not much like what you are expected to do today but do it anyway and do it with passion and commitment. Even the most unpleasant task can be made more enjoyable by the way you choose to approach it.


Both at home and at work you will know immediately if others are telling the truth or tell fibs – no way will they fool you. If you do catch someone out in a lie make sure they pay for it.


The less you reveal about your comings and goings today the more others will be intrigued and the easier it will be to maneuver them in the direction you want them to go. Be a bit mysterious.


You may be tempted to end a relationship, be it personal or professional, that has been nothing but trouble of late but is that such a wise move? Your attitude will change dramatically over the next few days, so wait a bit.


You see things in such a clear and logical way, so why can’t other people? Whatever the reason the fact remains that you will have to spend time explaining to them what is going on. Use language they can understand.


Something you say today may not go down well with friends and colleagues but that’s okay because the truth needs to be told. Tell them what they need to know, not what props up their illusions about themselves.


Stick to your principles, even if by doing so you lose out financially. Everything you gain must be at the cost of honest endeavor: if it is not you will lose out in ways you had not expected further down the line.


People who have an inflated sense of their own importance are often easy to influence – or should that be manipulate? – and you can use that fact to your advantage today. Use your powers of persuasion to get what you need.


Others may be urging you to make changes but the planets warn this is not the right time to throw everything up in the air and see how it lands. Even if you are dissatisfied with your life just wait for a while.


You don’t usually pay attention to conspiracy theories but what happens over the next few days will make you wonder if maybe there is something going on, something you should know about. It won’t hurt to investigate.


You may be eager to push ahead with certain ideas and plans but the planets urge you to slow down a bit. You cannot possibly do all the things you would like to do, so be selective. Difficult choices are called for.


Don’t agree to something just because you cannot be bothered to argue about it. If you take the easy way out now you will have major problems later on when partners and colleagues hold you to your promise. Learn to say “no.”


Today you can and you should make a good impression on those who can influence the future course of your career. Employers and other important people are watching you closely, so raise your game.


Because today’s new moon falls in the career area of your chart the ambitious side of your nature will get a much-needed boost. You know you are capable of so much more, so start pushing yourself harder — and keep pushing.