Krebs, wählen Sie bitte Ihr Geburtsjahr zur Inspektion von Ihrem persönlichen Tageshoroskop von berechnet mit Sonne, Mond und Planeten-Positionen, durch eine neue Astrologie-Technik in dem mit Hilfe von künstlicher Intelligenz sehr genaue Vorhersagen für jedes Sternzeichen und pro Jahrgang (jeden Tag also 1056 einzigartige Horoskop Prognosen) generiert werden können. Diese neue Astrologie-Software ist derzeit noch teilweise in Entwicklung und werden die kommenden Monaten weiter verbessert werden.

A problem you have been struggling with will resolve itself today and the relief you feel will be almost euphoric. Yes, of course, you could have handled it differently and saved yourself some trouble but now it’s done, so forget it.


If a friend or colleague is in difficulties make it your mission to rescue them. Don’t wait to be asked for assistance because the request may never come. They may be too proud to ask, but you’re not too proud to help.


Make sure that your employer and any other important people you have dealings with know who you are and what you can do. You may be quite happy in your present position but you will be happier still with a promotion.


Make sure that your employer and any other important people you have dealings with know who you are and what you can do. You may be quite happy in your present position but you will be happier still with a promotion.


You may not be as qualified for a certain job as some of your rivals but that does not mean you won’t get it. What matters is that you have the courage and the confidence to turn your hand to something new. You’ll pick it up quickly.


Anyone who tries to uncover what you want to remain hidden will be told in no uncertain terms to mind their own business. Your blunt attitude may not win too many friends but others will get the message.


Something you used to run away from no longer looks so scary and soon you will realize that there was precious little to fear in the first place. Then ask yourself what other worries you can quite happily live without.


As Mercury, your ruler, crosses the midheaven angle of your chart you must keep your eyes and ears open for new work-related opportunities. Everything is in a state of flux at the moment – and that’s good news if you’re ambitious.


The obstacles you face may be huge but you have what it takes to overcome every last one of them. Never doubt that you were born to be special. Never doubt that you will succeed. See whatever fate sends your way as a gift to be used.


Mercury back in your birth sign means you are not afraid to speak your mind, and as your views are a bit controversial it could lead to some interesting scenes. The conversation may get heated but don’t let it get out of control.


Anything of a creative nature will go well for you today but it will go even better if you make an effort to bring other people into your plans. Let friends and family members know you want them by your side. And mean it.


There is no point worrying about your financial situation and making yourself depressed. Chances are you are not seeing things too clearly at the moment, especially where money is concerned. What you need will be forthcoming.


Stay on top of your workload today, because if you let things slide you will find it difficult to catch up later. The best way to get things done and still have time to yourself is to delegate more. Trust your co-workers.


If you feel in need of a break now is a good time to start making plans. Mercury, your ruler, urges you to get out the holiday brochures, and before you know it you’ll be on a faraway beach soaking up the rays.


Others people seem to have plenty to say for themselves but there is no law that demands you just sit there and listen. If you don’t like what you are hearing then get up and go some place else. Vote with your feet.


You have got to be active if you want to succeed. For best results today get out into the world and meet as many new people as you can. Luck is most likely to come when you are on the move.


The arrival of mind planet Mercury in the well-being sector of your chart urges you to get serious about how you use your time and energy. You may have big responsibilities but that does not mean you cannot delegate some of them.


You can handle anything that life throws at you. Yes, anything. It does not matter how tough the test you face today you will come through with flying colors. Then you can help others succeed as well.


It may not be possible for one person acting alone to change the world but several like-minded individuals working together can make a difference. Support a cause that means something to you personally.


The more someone insists that you follow their example the more you must insist that you will go your own way, thank you very much. This is a battle of wills you cannot afford to lose, so be ruthless.


You may have encountered opposition on the work front from your employer or a senior colleague but today’s Mercury-Venus link will help you win them round. Just don’t promise more than you know you can deliver.


If you enjoy what you are doing then other people’s opinions are completely irrelevant. You may get some negative comments over the next 24 hours but you will ignore them all with grand disdain. Who cares what they think!


It’s okay to be assertive — you are, after all, a cardinal sign — but don’t go too far. In the short-term you may succeed in forcing people to do your bidding but in the long-term the dictatorial approach is sure to backfire.


You have what it takes to move into a position of power, but you must believe in yourself if you want employers and authority figures to believe in you too. Act as if you own the place — and you will.


If someone in a position of power asks you to do something you think is immoral or otherwise wrong you must say no. Your career is important, of course, but nowhere near as important as your self-respect. Be true to yourself.


You need to admit, if only to yourself, that the reason something has gone wrong is because your methods were impractical. You should have recognized that fact before but better late than never. Now do it right.


You may be a stickler for the rules but today you are advised to take whatever shortcuts you can to get from where you are to where you need to be. Ultimately, the only rules that matter are the ones you invent.


There will be major upheavals in your working life over the next few days but if you stay calm you will come through unscathed. Not only that but you may find yourself moving swiftly up the ladder of success.


As Venus now moves into the most dynamic area of your chart you will find that the right opportunity comes at just the right time and in just the right way. After that it’s up to you. Seize the day and make it your own.


Generally speaking you don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what makes you tick, but today you will question who you are and what you are doing in life. The answers you get will surprise you. And, yes, you’re doing OK.


Something you fear, no doubt irrationally, is about to make a reappearance in your life, but that’s good news because it will compel you to deal with the source of your fear once and for all. You’re tougher than you think.


Many things are changing and you must change with them. The only way you will maintain your current position, especially on the work front, is by finding new ways to be more productive. Move (fast) with the times.


You’ll find it easy to get your own way today: other people seem mesmerized by your glamour and will do whatever it takes to please you — all you have to do is ask. It’s not often you’re in such a privileged position, so make the most of it.


Mars, planet of energy, moves into your sign today, so you will be pushing yourself even harder than you usually do. That’s great but be warned that if you try to do too much too soon it could all go wrong.


If you have to change your plans at the last moment and let someone down today, so be it. Simply make your excuses and get on with it. If you don’t make a big deal of it chances are they won’t either.


Your feelings for a certain person are deeper than they or anyone else seems to realize but unless you make those feelings plain nothing will come of it. You’ve admired them from afar, now get up close and personal.


No doubt you have been running around doing good deeds for other people, but what have you done for yourself? It’s good that you are such a giving person but you’re allowed to take as well you know. Try it today.


It takes courage to hold a view that few other people agree with and more courage still to express that view openly. But you are not the sort to back down and will insist on having your say. Let’s hope you are right!


You are energized like never before. You know that whatever you turn your head and your hand to will be a resounding success. Anything is possible if your treat life as an adventure – because that’s exactly what it is.


Talk to other people as if each and every one of them is and always will be the most important person in your life. Ideally, of course, you would treat them this way all the time but it’s not always as easy as it is now.


Why do some people focus on negative things while ignoring all the good that goes on in the world? Whatever the reason you will have to deal with one such individual today. Humor them, but don’t let them depress you.


If you have not yet reached the place you want to be professionally it’s only a matter of time. As energy planet Mars crosses the midheaven angle of your chart today your ambitions are sure to receive some kind of boost.


You could easily spend lots of money and have nothing to show for it by the end of the day, so maybe you should leave your credit cards at home. Remember: the two things you can never buy are love and happiness.


Just because something is wrong for other people does not mean it is wrong for you. Today’s new moon will encourage you to be more adventurous in your thinking, even if it puts you at odds with the majority. Explore new possibilities.


You will get the proverbial offer you cannot refuse today but your sixth sense will also warn you that it’s too good to be true. Someone is painting a picture that bears no resemblance to reality. Ignore it.


Your working routine and your wellbeing will take a turn for the better over the next few days and before you know it life will be fun again. Money problems may remain but you don’t need cash to love, laugh and learn.


Because the Sun is transiting the most dynamic area of your chart you must aim higher than ever before. You will never forgive yourself if you fall short because you fear you won’t be good enough. You’re always good enough.


Don’t take on anything new over the next seven days because you are doing more than enough already. Remember too that quality work counts for more than quantity, so focus only on what is special to you.


The solution to your current predicament is easy enough but you are unlikely to see it until you stop looking at life in such an emotional manner. Feelings, your own or other people’s, must not come into the equation.


You have a nasty habit of telling yourself that you are not good enough to succeed but that’s nonsense. Yes, there are some difficult things that need to be done but you’re smart enough, and tough enough, to do them.


Your heart will point you in the right direction today and if you are smart you won’t ask questions, you will just go where it tells you to go. Relationships are under excellent stars, so tell someone you love them.


Have you been working hard for no good reason? Have you nothing to show for all the effort you’ve put in? If so, it’s time to make a break and try your luck in a new environment. Change is your friend — don’t fight it.


Don’t be afraid to disagree with someone in a position of authority today because the planets warn if you don’t stand up for yourself they will make other demands you find difficult to accept. What does your conscience tell you? Do it.


No doubt you have been running around doing good deeds for other people, but what have you done for yourself? It’s good that you are such a giving person but you’re allowed to take as well you know. Try it today.


A financial disagreement has the potential to cause a rift that may be hard to mend, but you must not back down. The other party believes you cannot be bothered to make an issue of it. Prove them wrong.


Mercury back in your birth sign means you are not afraid to speak your mind, and as your views are a bit controversial it could lead to some interesting scenes. The conversation may get heated but don’t let it get out of control.


Everything seems to be coming easy to you now and most of what you desire is yours for the asking. Will there be a price to pay for all this good fortune? Maybe, but it’s a price you are more than willing to pay.


Why the guilt feelings? Have you broken the law? Most likely you haven’t done anything you would be arrested for but because some people don’t agree with your aims you may try to hide what you’ve been up to. Don’t. You’ve done nothing wrong.


It may not be true that everyone is out to get rich at your expense but you should act as if it is. Even if you lose only a small amount of money it could have big repercussions, so stay sharp.


Both at home and at work you will know immediately if others are telling the truth or tell fibs – no way will they fool you. If you do catch someone out in a lie make sure they pay for it.


Make sure your dreams are realistic — that is, make sure you have at least some chance of reaching the goals you set yourself. Some things are simply beyond your powers to manifest at the moment, so don’t get carried away.


Listen to what your conscience tells you, then act on it. Others may say you are behaving irrationally but they are wrong: it is they who are conducting themselves according to a false philosophy. Your heart knows the way to go.


Be ready to put other people’s needs ahead of your own today, even if it means you run the risk of missing out on something you were looking forward to. Your sacrifice will not be in vain.


The harder you try to figure out what is going on in other people’s heads the more confused you will be, so you might as well give up on it. A more important point is: what’s going on in your head?


Focus on what is in front of you at this moment in time and put wishful thinking behind you, at least for a while. Take care of practical matters and let the cosmic powers that be take care of your dreams.


A new creative project will go better in the long-term if you are not quite so determined to do it all on your own. Today’s full moon urges you to team up with a friend or colleague and spread the load.


The less you reveal about your comings and goings today the more others will be intrigued and the easier it will be to maneuver them in the direction you want them to go. Be a bit mysterious.


Although you like to do things for people, it’s not always the wisest move. You may feel sorry for someone you meet today but don’t let your sympathy show or they will play on your feelings. Pretend you don’t care.


There is no point trying to prove what you know or what you can do. So long as you have faith in yourself nothing else matters. You are as good as, if not better than, every one of your rivals.


The Sun’s move into the financial sector of your chart means it’s time to get serious about your cash flow situation. The simple fact is you have been spending far more than you can afford. Time to cut back a bit.


Use your eyes and ears today and make sure you know what is actually going on in your world, rather than what other people tell you is going on. You are more likely to avoid mistakes that way.


Someone you meet today will make such an impression on you that you actually want to be like them. Remember though that you are who you are for a reason. Why not just be better at being yourself?


With Mercury linked to Pluto today it may feel as if others have the upper hand, but that need not be the case. Your sense of powerlessness is largely in your mind. In the world at large you’re still a winner.


Someone is desperate for you to tell them how much you appreciate them. The good news is you will find it easy to open up and reveal your innermost thoughts. They’ll love you for it all the more.


Uranus, your ruler, moves into one of the more positive areas of the sky for you today and it won’t be long before you feel the benefits. Make a conscious decision to let go of the past. You no longer need it.


If you have any skeletons in your closet, no matter how minor they might be, you must have a plan for when they become public knowledge. You know it will happen sooner or later so start thinking now about how to protect your reputation.


You know what you have to do and you know why you must do it, but something seems to be holding you back. Most likely you lack motivation because your heart is not really in it. Can you get out of it? You can certainly try.


Why are you holding back when you don’t have to? Could it be your subconscious is warning you there is some kind of obstacle up ahead that your conscious mind is not yet aware of? Yes it could, so proceed with caution.


Why do you feel guilty about something that was clearly not your fault? At the most you had only a minor role to play, so stop beating yourself up about it and next time be a bit more cautious about who you team up with.


You may have to turn down a social invitation in order to spend time with someone who needs your emotional support. They’ve been there for you in the past, now it’s your turn to lend a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on.


What happens today may take you by surprise but if you think about it you will realize you have been through similar situations on numerous previous occasions, so why worry? There is nothing new under the sun.


It’s okay to be outspoken — someone has to call attention to what’s going wrong after all — but don’t expect others to just sit there and take it. Watch out you don’t get involved in a war of words. You really don’t need it.


Stick to the rules of whatever game it is you are currently playing, because if you deviate even one inch your rivals will be on you like a ton of bricks. You don’t need to cut corners — you’re winning by a mile already.


Although this is a very good time for you certain events may have taken some of the gloss off your achievements over the past few days. But what of it? You’ll get another chance to shine very soon — like right now.


Why do you keep looking back and brooding on things that are over? Snap out of it. You cannot go back and change the past — but you can make the future both different and better.


Make the most of some remarkably good stellar influences and don’t waste time on minor matters. Jupiter in your sign is bringing all sorts of opportunities your way but you may miss them if your mind is stuck on trivia.


A life of ease may sound inviting but what would you have to show for it in the long-term? Not much. You have so many talents and it’s about time you started using them. How can you be creative today?


Today’s full moon in your sign will give you the courage to go your own way, do your own thing and be different from the crowd. If that means you fall out with a friend, well, they weren’t really that much of a friend were they?