Krebs, wählen Sie bitte Ihr Geburtsjahr zur Inspektion von Ihrem persönlichen Tageshoroskop von berechnet mit Sonne, Mond und Planeten-Positionen, durch eine neue Astrologie-Technik in dem mit Hilfe von künstlicher Intelligenz sehr genaue Vorhersagen für jedes Sternzeichen und pro Jahrgang (jeden Tag also 1056 einzigartige Horoskop Prognosen) generiert werden können. Diese neue Astrologie-Software ist derzeit noch teilweise in Entwicklung und werden die kommenden Monaten weiter verbessert werden.

If you feel in need of a break now is a good time to start making plans. Mercury, your ruler, urges you to get out the holiday brochures, and before you know it you’ll be on a faraway beach soaking up the rays.


With Pluto, planet of passion, turning direct in the area of your chart that governs affairs of the heart this is the ideal time to let that special person know how you feel about them. Don’t just say it – show it.


The more you have done for others the more others will now do for you. Today’s Sun-Uranus link will bring the kind of unexpected development that makes you glad to be alive. Good things come to those who deserve them.


You need a little less drama and a lot more common sense in your life. Face each day with the belief that everything is right with the world and that your world in particular is and always will be a marvelous place.


You’ll get all excited about something today, and that’s good, but don’t get carried away or you might lose your sense of perspective. It’s a fun situation, for sure, but don’t spend all your precious time and money on it.


The more you have done for others the more others will now do for you. Today’s Sun-Uranus link will bring the kind of unexpected development that makes you glad to be alive. Good things come to those who deserve them.


The planets urge you to think before you act and act only if you really have to. That applies to all areas of your life but especially to travel and money matters. Avoid unnecessary risks and you’ll do okay.


You don’t have to come on strong to make your point today. Say what you have to say calmly and clearly and let others make up their minds about it in their own good time. Just make sure you sound sincere.


Today’s cosmic picture promises a surprise of some sort, and while there is nothing to fear it might be wise to stay on good terms with family and friends. Besides, good times are better when you choose to share.


If you want to move up in the world you have to be more open with those who can help you to make it happen. You don’t have to let them in on your secrets but you do have to be open about what you desire.


This is the ideal time to ask for a favor, not only from friends but also from those you work and do business with. You’ve done a lot for them in the past — now they’ll jump at the chance to do something for you.


It’s okay to go off on your own and do your own thing but don’t do it too much or others might start getting a bit suspicious. You don’t want them thinking you’re up to no good. That’s just not true — is it?


Your ambitions are too important to allow people who don’t share your vision to annoy you in small, vindictive ways. Who cares if they can’t see what you see? That’s their problem, not yours. Ignore them.


The Sun’s transit of the most sensitive area of your chart is likely to make this a more reflective phase, but that is not an invitation to worry yourself sick about the things you did or did not do. Always live in the now.


Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start looking for ways to improve your circumstances. It may be that you have to work harder for less reward for a while but think of it as an investment. The tide WILL turn soon.


As Mercury, your ruler, changes signs today it might be wise to take a look at your working routine. Common sense tells you that you cannot possibly get everything done in one mad rush, so don’t risk it. Think of your health.


You have so much potential but there is a danger that today’s eclipse could tempt you to overreach yourself. Creatively and romantically you are advised not to start anything you are not 100 percent sure you can finish.


Aim high by all means but be realistic about what you can hope to achieve. Today’s new moon will inspire you to start something new but the only way you’ll find time for it is if you junk something old.


As usual you will be on the go from dawn to dusk, but cosmic activity in the wellbeing area of your chart is a bit unstable at the moment, so don’t take unnecessary risks. And don’t expect others to take them for you.


No matter how annoying certain individuals may be you must not allow yourself to be provoked. You may be angry on the inside but on the outside you should project a picture of calm. Don’t let them get to you.


A dispute of some kind may be unsettling but there is no need to worry as it will most likely be over as quickly as it started. Besides, a little bit of tension is not always a bad thing and on this occasion could even bring you closer to someone.


Has your golden touch deserted you? Maybe it has, for a while, but don’t make a big issue of it because luck, like everything else in life, goes through recurring phases. Keep your thoughts positive and your fortunes will soon revive.


According to the planets you are thinking about giving up on a project that does not seem to be making much headway. But they also indicate that you are closer to a breakthrough than you’ve ever been. If you give up now you will surely regret it.


You are well aware that things have to change, and you are well aware that it is you who will have to make those changes, so stop prevaricating and get on with it. Sooner is always better than later.


If you feel like doing something out of the ordinary, don’t hold back. With Jupiter, planet of expansion, aspecting your ruler Uranus today you can get away with almost anything. Think about it — then act.


Strive to maintain an open and optimistic attitude to life. The more others try to persuade you that the world is going to pot the less you should believe them. It’s all about perspective — make sure yours is wide and deep.


You seem more cheerful than usual, most likely because you can sense that something good is about to happen. But don’t sit back and wait for others to take the lead — take it yourself and set the agenda.


It’s all coming together. The game of life is playing you rather than the other way round. That’s great, but don’t take your good fortune for granted. Things change over time, so enjoy the present but don’t stop planning for the future.


Family affairs have been a bit difficult of late, but you will soon get the chance to put things right. Sit down with loved ones and discuss what has gone wrong — and what needs to be done to bring back the good times.


This is an extremely fortunate time for you and if you are smart you will milk it for all it is worth. Use your head today but listen to your heart as well – if you get the balance right you can do no wrong.


Your opinions could get you into trouble today, especially if what you say offends people in positions of power. Will that warning stop you? Most likely not. With Mercury, your ruler, turning retrograde you just can’t help yourself.


If you enjoy what you are doing then other people’s opinions are completely irrelevant. You may get some negative comments over the next 24 hours but you will ignore them all with grand disdain. Who cares what they think!


You cannot control each and every situation you find yourself in and the sooner you accept that fact the sooner you will be able to move on from your current negative situation. If you go with the flow life will be a lot more fun.


The planets warn that if you don’t play by the book today you could find yourself in a heap of trouble. Be wary of anyone who tries to encourage you to take unnecessary risks. What’s in it for them?


The cult of new is not always good. Sometimes the old way of doing things is best and because you have never been one to slavishly follow fashion you will, most likely, avoid the mistakes that others make today.


You seem to be hitting all your targets and fulfilling all your ambitions now that the Sun is transiting your birth sign. Good for you, but don’t forget that not everyone is having it so easy. What can you do to ease a loved one’s pain?


Someone in a position of power will give you a hard time but you will find it easy to ignore them. The Sun’s entry into the most dynamic area of your chart means you have more interesting, and more positive, matters to deal with.


You may not be the sort to back down when challenged but the planets urge you to realize that caution can sometimes be the smart way to go. Sometimes it takes more guts to avoid a fight than to have one.


Use your head today and you won’t go far wrong. Others may get emotional about what’s going on but you must not allow petty feelings to get in the way of business. Put practical considerations first, now and always.


You will be the center of attention today, hopefully but not necessarily for the right reasons. Uranus, your ruler, will make it difficult for you to deny what you’ve been up to, but why would you want to when you enjoyed it so much!


The most important thing now is that you keep the momentum you have built up going. Follow through on what you have started and don’t allow yourself to be distracted by petty people and meaningless events.


Why do some people focus on negative things while ignoring all the good that goes on in the world? Whatever the reason you will have to deal with one such individual today. Humor them, but don’t let them depress you.


Someone you are close to feels a little bit neglected and you really should do something about it. Find ways to remind them they mean more to you than anyone and anything in the whole wide world.


You could easily spend lots of money and have nothing to show for it by the end of the day, so maybe you should leave your credit cards at home. Remember: the two things you can never buy are love and happiness.


You want to be totally honest but you fear that if you speak your mind it will be taken as a declaration of war by certain people. What of it? That’s their problem, not yours. Say your piece and say it loud.


Cosmic activity in the most productive area of your chart gives you the drive and the determination you need to do something out of the ordinary.Don’t follow other people —follow your dream wherever it leads you.


Make a point of enjoying what’s right with the world rather than getting too gloomy about what’s wrong with it. There will always be good guys and bad guys – you won’t ever change that – and you’ll always be good.


You have nothing to fear and everything to look forward to. It may sometimes seem as if you are alone in the world but that is just an illusion and what happens today will in some way or other highlight that fact.


Don’t be afraid to open your mouth and make a noise over the next 48 hours. Certain things have to be said, certain things have to be brought into the open, and it is your job to make sure it happens. Be as honest as you please.


Chances are you will fall out with a loved one or someone in a position of power over the next 24 hours. But that’s okay. Every now and again you have to have these quarrels to clear the air. This one is long overdue.


It may at times seem as if the world is a hostile place but it’s not as bad as you think. Make an effort to see the good things, and good people, around you today – you’ll feel better for it on every level of your being.


Why do some people focus on negative things while ignoring all the good that goes on in the world? Whatever the reason you will have to deal with one such individual today. Humor them, but don’t let them depress you.


It might be wise to back off a little, especially at work where if you come on too strong you may turn colleagues and employers against you. Focus on what you are doing, and leave others to make their own decisions.


Some kind of dissent or disruption is likely today, especially on the home front where feelings are running high. Try not to react in a heavy-handed way as that will just make matters worse. Be more understanding and accepting.


You can be a bit critical at times, and usually with good reason, but this is not the right time to go big on the negative comments. Partners and loved ones need your support. Boost their confidence, don’t wreck it.


Passions will be running high over the next 24 hours and there may be times when it all gets a bit too much for you. Those are the times when you need to back off and let things cool down a bit.


What happens today will remind you that sometimes the old way of doing things is best. Fortunately you have never been one to follow the latest “big thing” so you won’t find it too hard to stick with tradition.


Don’t let anyone come between you and your goals. You have absolute faith in your own abilities and if others don’t share your positive outlook, well, that’s just too bad for them. Those who dare win — and you’re about to win big.


Never give up hope. Never believe that you are destined to fail. If you keep that message in mind over the next few days your confidence will return and before you know it your life will be on the up again.


Why waste time trying to justify your actions when you could be getting on with the job and letting others take it or leave it? In the beginning was the deed, so enough with the words and get into some action.


You may believe that you have worked out what makes someone tick but more likely you have just uncovered another layer of a complicated personality. Beneath that there are more layers still. Face it: they’re an enigma.


Simplify your routine and cut back on non-essentials. You need to manage your affairs in a more organized way. You will feel in control of events and have more time to enjoy yourself.


Everyone seems to be in a good mood at the moment. Why is that? Who knows! Who cares! All you have to worry about is how you are going to benefit from it. Whatever it is you most desire, go for it.


You may have your doubts about something you are working on but this is not a good time to make changes. Today’s lunar eclipse means that even the smallest of changes could have far-reaching consequences, so change nothing for now.


The urge to start something new is extra strong at the moment but because Venus, planet of emotional and material values, is moving retrograde you must make sure you’ll be able to finish what you begin. If in doubt, skip it.


It’s okay to be outspoken — someone has to call attention to what’s going wrong after all — but don’t expect others to just sit there and take it. Watch out you don’t get involved in a war of words. You really don’t need it.


Something of a creative or artistic nature will make excellent progress over the next seven days and by the time that Jupiter enters your sign on the 6th others will be praising your efforts to the skies. You deserve their adulation.


You seem very positive in your outlook at the moment, which is good, but you still need to back it up with hard work – and teamwork – if you are going to realize your dreams. Attitude plus action equals guaranteed success.


It might be wise to back off a little, especially at work where if you come on too strong you may turn colleagues and employers against you. Focus on what you are doing, and leave others to make their own decisions.


The atmosphere on the home front will be excellent today, not least because you are full of life and laughter and love and your attitude rubs off on other people. Hang on to that feeling for as long as you can.


For best results today don’t limit yourself to tried and trusted ways of doing things — use your imagination to come up with new ideas and new ways of looking at the world you inhabit. Your mind creates your reality.


Your mind may be alive with possibilities but those around you seem dead to your good ideas. How frustrating. But you don’t need their help or approval. You can easily get where you need to be on your own.


Use your eyes and ears today and make sure you know what is actually going on in your world, rather than what other people tell you is going on. You are more likely to avoid mistakes that way.


The pace of life is about to move up a gear. Are you ready? No doubt you are raring to get started on all those big ideas that are swirling around inside your head, but pace yourself sensibly — no one expects you to do it all at once.


The Sun’s transit of one of the more sensitive areas of your chart makes you a bit hesitant, but that’s no bad thing. While others take risks and make fools of themselves you weigh up the odds and make all the right moves.


With Mercury, your ruler, linked to power planet Pluto today the way you interact with employers and senior colleagues is of the utmost importance. Make sure you respect them, even if they don’t always respect you.


You have what it takes to make your dreams come true and no matter what setbacks you may encounter today you must tell yourself that you will succeed in the end. Don’t let anything stand in your way, least of all self-doubt.


Today’s solar eclipse promises that if you get your act together and let someone in a position of power know you are ambitious you will soon be moving up in the world. Don’t be shy — they want you to succeed.


You know that anxiety is a useless emotion, so why are you allowing other people to worry you with their fears for the future? Make a conscious effort to believe that only good things will happen — and that’s what will happen. Guaranteed.


Whatever your personal code of conduct may be you must live up to it today. If you fall short in any way your rivals will seize on that fact to make you look bad. Make sure you can reach your lofty ideals.


There may be unexpected bills to pay over the next 24 hours but don’t let it worry you because you’ll find the cash somewhere. If you need to ask a friend or loved one for a loan they won’t turn you down.


Someone in a position of authority will say nice things about you today and you will no doubt be shocked, as well as embarrassed. Are they being serious? Of course they are. They genuinely value your efforts.


Broaden your horizons. Look beyond your everyday environment and discover places and people and ideas that expand your mind and your understanding. Life is a learning experience, one that never ends. And learning is fun.


Someone you live or work with is under a lot of pressure at the moment. What can you do to lighten their load? You’ll think of something, of course, but don’t get tricked into doing it forever. Set a time limit.


It seems there is someone in your life who acts like a friend but who secretly resents your success. Most likely you know who they are but if you are still uncertain what happens today will expose them.


You have been in the background for too long. Now you must push your way to the front and let the world see what a marvelous talent you are. Show yourself, sell yourself and, above all, enjoy yourself.


You may be bored by some of the people you have to interact with but don’t switch off completely or you may fail to spot something of vital importance. There’s a nugget of info coming your way that is pure gold. Don’t miss it.


The Sun’s transit of one of the more sensitive areas of your chart makes you a bit hesitant, but that’s no bad thing. While others take risks and make fools of themselves you weigh up the odds and make all the right moves.