Löwe, wählen Sie bitte Ihr Geburtsjahr zur Inspektion von Ihrem persönlichen Tageshoroskop von berechnet mit Sonne, Mond und Planeten-Positionen, durch eine neue Astrologie-Technik in dem mit Hilfe von künstlicher Intelligenz sehr genaue Vorhersagen für jedes Sternzeichen und pro Jahrgang (jeden Tag also 1056 einzigartige Horoskop Prognosen) generiert werden können. Diese neue Astrologie-Software ist derzeit noch teilweise in Entwicklung und werden die kommenden Monaten weiter verbessert werden.

Life may be a bed of roses at the moment but in just a few days time you will be faced by challenges that require you to make sacrifices above and beyond the call of duty, so don’t get too comfy! Be ready for change.


You may be sensitive by nature but you are also pretty good at putting up the emotional shutters and that’s what you have to do over the next 24 hours. Ignore others’ comments — they’re not worth worrying about.


Mercury, planet of the mind, turns in your favor today, and the most likely result is that you will adopt a more practical attitude to money matters. Also, don’t waste your time on ventures that do not pay.


After a long period of being held back you are at last free to pursue what interests you, regardless of what others might think or how much it might cost. Go a little mad today – you owe it to yourself.


Take care not to overreact to what someone says about you today. You won’t make things better by sparking a war of words. Pretend it means nothing to you. Your indifference will hurt them more than your anger.


Putting emotions into words can be hard and no doubt you are aware that a loved one is having difficulty explaining their feelings. Make it easy for them by revealing your own feelings first – and make sure they’re positive.


At some stage today you will realize that you are up against a force that is too powerful for you to defeat directly. Which means you will have to use your head to win this particular conflict. Brain beats brawn every time.


It is of the utmost importance that you keep your thinking simple today. Don’t go confusing people, or yourself, with ideas that are too big to grasp. You are already heading in the right direction, so just keep going.


The way you look at the world has been changing for quite some time and today’s full moon will make it easier for you to accept that some things have changed irrevocably. You don’t need such a materialistic outlook on life.


Although you like to do things for people, it’s not always the wisest move. You may feel sorry for someone you meet today but don’t let your sympathy show or they will play on your feelings. Pretend you don’t care.


Try not to be too pushy today. You could easily go over the top without realizing what you are doing. If friends and colleagues seem to be avoiding you it could be because they are scared of you.


Your eagerness to succeed could lead you to show your hand too soon and make it easy for rivals to work out what you are trying to do. Don’t tell anyone, not even friends, what they don’t need to know.


Partners and loved ones may be critical of what you are doing but if you are smart you will listen to what they say today because in among all the wrong-headed comments is one that has a grain of truth in it.


A certain viewpoint may seem attractive but if your instincts tell you to be wary then you would be wise to hold back. Too many people nowadays are swayed by what used to be called propaganda. You’re smarter than that.


It’s not like you to let fear hold you back but for some reason you are reluctant to take the kind of risk you usually don’t think twice about. Maybe it’s your sixth sense trying to warn you. Whatever the reason, tread lightly.


You may want to help other people but some of those people seem unwilling to do anything to help themselves. Be more discerning about who you assist over the next seven days. Not everyone deserves your kindness.


Partners and loved ones may be critical of what you are doing but if you are smart you will listen to what they say today because in among all the wrong-headed comments is one that has a grain of truth in it.


Someone is trying to sow seeds of doubt in your mind and if they succeed your dream will never come true. Ignore advice that sounds negative and keep acting as if you are destined to win. As you think, so it will be.


You must let certain people know that you do not exist merely for their convenience. This may come as a surprise as you have allowed them to get away with so much in the past, but now it’s time to draw a line.


You have nothing to fear and everything to look forward to. It may sometimes seem as if you are alone in the world but that is just an illusion and what happens today will in some way or other highlight that fact.


Someone is talking behind your back and trying to damage your reputation. So what do you do about it? It might be tempting to confront them but that will only make you look bad. Ignore them. Pretend they don’t exist.


There is no point getting angry with people who let you down. Cosmic activity in one of the more emotional areas of your chart means that loved ones will take what you say seriously, so say only things that boost their self-esteem.


Your feelings for a certain person are deeper than they or anyone else seems to realize but unless you make those feelings plain nothing will come of it. You’ve admired them from afar, now get up close and personal.


You know you have nothing to fear, so why are you still looking back over your shoulder every few paces? On an inner level you’ll be asking all the right questions, but you can’t run away from the world.


There is good in everybody, no matter how disagreeable some people may seem when you first meet them, and what happens today will convince you of that fact — and restore your faith in human nature. Don’t lose it so easily again.


You take your duties in life very seriously, but sometimes you are a bit too severe in your reactions and make it hard for people to know the real you — the fun you. What happens today is not that important, so don’t look so glum!


Don’t take what others tell you too seriously today. It could be their comments are genuine but it is just as likely they are saying what they think you would like to hear. You don’t need flattery, you need to know the truth.


Something you thought was important is of no weight at all, and something you thought was trivial is actually of major significance. How could you have got it so wrong? Whatever the reason there’s no point beating yourself up about it.


The cracks in a working partnership are getting a bit too wide to ignore, so make it your main aim today to either close up the gap or end the liaison once and for all. It might be easier just to move on.


Every fiber of your being is telling you to do something dramatic but, admit it, you’re a little bit afraid. Have faith in your intuition and take that leap into the unknown. You’ll land somewhere that feels just like home.


This will be an exciting day for you, the kind of day when you discover new things about the world and the people you share it with. Something you learn about a loved one will bring you even closer together.


You’re rather sensitive at the moment and may take too negative a view of events over the next few days. Never doubt that you are loved. Never doubt that you are on the side of the angels. You’re one of life’s good guys


With Mercury, your ruler, allied to the Sun in the friendship area of your chart today you can quite easily charm your way past other people’s defenses. Say nice things and you’ll get even more nice things in return.


If you need to improve your financial situation — and according to the planets you do — you will find a way over the next 24 hours. But it will require a sacrifice of some sort on your part. Do it, it’s worth it.


What you own and what you earn is high on your agenda at the moment and will get even higher over the next few days. Find ways to boost your income and try to work it so that you help other people too.


Your imagination is strong and there is a danger that your fears will get out of hand. You of all people should know that worrying about a problem never resolves it. The only way out of your dilemma is to act — fast.


Keep your options open today, especially at work and in your business dealings as these are the areas where you are most likely to be let down by other people. Above all, avoid extremes of emotion — stay cool, calm and in control.


If you have to change your plans at the last moment and let someone down today, so be it. Simply make your excuses and get on with it. If you don’t make a big deal of it chances are they won’t either.


Something will happen that annoys you intensely and a falling out with a friend or work colleague is quite possible. However, before you go on the warpath make sure you’ve got your facts right. It could save a lot of apologizing later on.


You may feel vaguely uneasy today but there is little you should be worried about. In fact, good news about a family situation should reach you by the end of the day. Seems someone’s not angry with you after all.


Activities you take part in with friends will go extremely well today. Your energy and enthusiasm will also impress employers and other important people, but keep your opinions to yourself – some of them are a bit controversial!


Today’s cosmic picture is designed to make you realize that you are long past the point where what you get out of a partnership of some kind makes up for what you put in. Time to start thinking about an exit strategy.


You are who you are for a reason and no one has the right to demand that you be different. Someone may think they have forced you into a corner but they’re mad if they think you will change.


Although you give others the impression that you are super confident you actually worry a lot and that is something you need to come to terms with over the next few days. Doubts cannot be permitted. Act first and don’t worry about it later.


You will delight in doing the opposite of what others are expecting of you today. In a way that’s good because your daily routine has become a bit too predictable. Remind the world not to take you for granted.


Others can take foolish risks if they want today — it’s a free world — but you don’t have to follow their example. Go your own way, do your own thing and don’t worry that you are the odd one out. Sometimes it’s the best thing to be.


Someone will try to make you feel bad by pointing out your failings but they won’t succeed. You are well aware of your shortcomings but you are even more aware that you have done many things to be proud of. Feel good about yourself.


Others may be urging you to make changes but the planets warn this is not the right time to throw everything up in the air and see how it lands. Even if you are dissatisfied with your life just wait for a while.


Make the most of the Sun in the most open and outgoing area of your chart to put yourself about and get yourself noticed. If you come across as too stand-offish it might work against your long-term interests.


Whatever it is you are planning to do you are strongly advised to begin it immediately. The more you keep moving the start date back the more likely it becomes that you will never get round to it.


Don’t hold back today. If there is something that needs to be said then say it and don’t worry what the consequences might be. Besides, people expect you to be a bit blunt, so why disappoint them?


Everyone makes mistakes so don’t make a big issue of it if something goes wrong – it’s not the end of the world. The more forgiving you are today the more you will benefit financially and professionally later on.


Something you are expected to do may not make a lot of sense but do it anyway and then forget it. If the powers that be say it’s got to be done then trust them to know what they are talking about.


Don’t stick to your schedule too rigidly today because the planets indicate you will achieve more in the long-term if you act on impulse now. Give yourself permission to take the occasional risk. You won’t regret it — hopefully!


You don’t have to rush in all directions at once. You don’t have to do it all for friends and family. Slow down, calm down and focus on one thing only today. And make it something YOU want to do for a change.


Today’s Sun-Jupiter link is one of the best omens you could ask for. Whatever you begin over the next 48 hours should be a huge success, but it will be even bigger if you refuse to let others limit your ambition.


Your heart will point you in the right direction today and if you are smart you won’t ask questions, you will just go where it tells you to go. Relationships are under excellent stars, so tell someone you love them.


You may have to change your plans at the last moment today and you won’t be too happy about it, but the good news is the change will work in your favor. Ultimately all change is good but some change works faster than others.


You may be tempted to throw caution to the wind and force through changes that cannot later be undone but think carefully before you do. The fact is you may not be thinking at all at the moment – it’s all emotion.


It is unlikely that people in positions of power will praise you openly but that’s okay because you know your own value. You don’t need to be told what a hero you are. A job well done is reward enough.


You tend to get what you want in the end but if you are too ruthless you could turn people against you. That may not worry you now but what about later when you need others’ help? Do you think they’ll give it?


Your friends may not be as supportive as you would like them to be but they’ve got troubles too and you really cannot expect them to be there for you every minute of every day. What can you do to help yourself?


It seems you would prefer to make the same mistake over and over again rather than admit that you made an error, and as the current full moon cuts across the money axis of your chart that could prove costly. Get your ego out of the way and learn from what’s gone before.


You don’t have to be perfect in everything you do. If that’s the standard you always aim for then you may never get started on anything worthwhile. Both at home and at work you will achieve more if you stop fretting and just act.


Make the most of the Sun in the most open and outgoing area of your chart to put yourself about and get yourself noticed. If you come across as too stand-offish it might work against your long-term interests.


You will find your options limited today but according to the planets there is nothing you can do about it, so sit tight and wait for the restriction to pass. It may turn out to be a blessing in disguise.


Recent money worries will fade into the background today as you begin to realize that it’s not what you own and earn that counts but the attitude you choose to adopt. Be positive at all times and in all things, and you’ll thrive.


A solar eclipse in your opposite sign means that loved ones will be full of themselves today, and there may be times when you wish they would tone down their act a bit. They’re only having fun. You’re allowed to have fun too.


If you need to reduce your tasks and chores, either because you are working too hard or because opportunities to enjoy yourself are difficult to come by, now is the time to be ruthless. If you don’t know already, learn how to say “No”.


If you let someone get away with cheating you once they will believe they can do so any time they choose. The first time it happens must also be the last time. Come down on them hard. Make sure they get the message


You will get more done today if you take a gentler, less confrontational approach. Mentally put yourself in other people’s shoes and imagine how you would feel about some of the things you say. Then change.


You are not the kind to give up on something just because it isn’t easy, and that’s good because you are so close to a breakthrough. Whatever the obstacles you face today, keep believing and keep pushing.


Even if you don’t have the faintest idea what is going on around you at the moment act as if you have seen it all before. Create the illusion that you are in control. It’s remarkable how easily most people are fooled.


Get close to people who can be helpful in your career. Let them know who you are and what you can do and let them know you are available if, and only if, both the challenge and the price are right.


There is no point trying to force other people to think or feel the way you do. That will only encourage them to dig in their heels and stick with what they already believe. Relate with kindness and persuade with facts. Or leave well alone.


Someone you meet while traveling or socializing will be a lot of fun, and there is at least an evens chance that your friendship could develop in a romantic direction. Keep it all on a light-hearted level, but be aware of possibilities too.


Some habits are easy to break but others are exceedingly difficult to change and one such habit will cause you a certain amount of grief today. Which begs the question: do you really need to change it? Why not just enjoy it?


Your feelings for someone will swing from like to dislike and back again two minutes later. It’s obvious you don’t really know what your real emotions are so resist saying anything too outrageous. You won’t mean it.


Someone will play on your emotions today, most likely just for the fun of it. They can only hurt you if you take what they say seriously. Is there any reason why you should? On the contrary, there is every reason why you should not.


Steer clear of issues that do not really concern you. The planets warn you are liable to misjudge things quite badly, which won’t do much for your reputation as someone whose sensitivity gives them an advantage over lesser mortals.


Don’t let people get away with statements which are clearly untrue. You can tell the difference between fact and fiction and you see it as your duty to point out errors. Good for you, but don’t expect to make many friends!


Today’s solar eclipse promises that if you get your act together and let someone in a position of power know you are ambitious you will soon be moving up in the world. Don’t be shy — they want you to succeed.


There is a great deal of anticipation in the air at the moment. You can sense that something special is about to happen. Today’s Sun-Uranus link will bring events to a head. How can you profit from the changes?


The urge to start something new is extra strong at the moment but because Venus, planet of emotional and material values, is moving retrograde you must make sure you’ll be able to finish what you begin. If in doubt, skip it.


Something you fear, no doubt irrationally, is about to make a reappearance in your life, but that’s good news because it will compel you to deal with the source of your fear once and for all. You’re tougher than you think.


You know what you want and you know where to get it and there is not a doubt in your mind that before the day is done it will be in your possession. With that kind of attitude there can be no stopping you.


Sometimes your old-fashioned way of doing things works in your favor and sometimes it works against you, but today it is much more likely to be the former. Others can chase the latest fashion if they want, you’re sticking with the winning formula.


You may be a stickler for the rules but today you are advised to take whatever shortcuts you can to get from where you are to where you need to be. Ultimately, the only rules that matter are the ones you invent.