Widder, wählen Sie bitte Ihr Geburtsjahr zur Inspektion von Ihrem persönlichen Tageshoroskop von berechnet mit Sonne, Mond und Planeten-Positionen, durch eine neue Astrologie-Technik in dem mit Hilfe von künstlicher Intelligenz sehr genaue Vorhersagen für jedes Sternzeichen und pro Jahrgang (jeden Tag also 1056 einzigartige Horoskop Prognosen) generiert werden können. Diese neue Astrologie-Software ist derzeit noch teilweise in Entwicklung und werden die kommenden Monaten weiter verbessert werden.

The current cosmic climate is good for your health, making this the ideal time to start a new fitness regime or go on a diet. But don’t overdo it. Start slow and build up over time — that way you’re more likely to stick with it.


You are worrying about things that could go wrong but most likely won’t. The trouble with worrying is that it tends to be self-fulfilling – it sends out negative vibrations that attract negative events. Fear is a luxury you cannot afford.


You will want to head off into the wide blue yonder today, either on your own or in the company of like-minded friends. Get away from your usual environment for a while. The world is yours to explore and learn from.


A Mercury-Saturn union in your sign means you can see things as they are rather than as you wish them to be. If you have in any way been deceiving yourself as to the true nature of your situation the scales will fall from your eyes today.


If you need assistance with a business problem or money matter now is the time to ask for it. Friends and family members will be more than happy to help you out with advice, but steer clear of asking them for cash. You don’t want or need to be in their debt.


You will meet someone today who has remarkable ideas, the kind of ideas that can inspire you to accomplish great things. But they themselves don’t look in the least bit remarkable. Keep your eyes and ears open or you may miss them.


Words may come easily to you now but they could also work against you, especially if you use them to trick people into believing things that you know are not true. Why risk making enemies of people who could be your friends?


Money matters are under excellent stars at the moment and if you act wisely over the next few days you are sure to improve your financial position. But you must think long-term. Don’t take your profits the first chance you get.


Just because the people you work with have decided to greet the day with a frown does not mean you have to do likewise. Keep a smile on your lips and a song in your heart and everything will go well for you.


For too long you have been cruising at a steady pace without making much of an effort, but Mars in your sign is now pushing you to move up a gear. What is it that you desire the most? Pursue that, and nothing else.


Resist the urge to start anything new. Your existing commitments are enough to be going on with and unexpected appeals for assistance will add to your workload as well. Why make life unnecessarily difficult for yourself?


Where your work is concerned today it will pay you to do less but to a higher standard. Sometimes you get so caught up in what you are doing that quantity seems more important than quality. It isn’t. Ever.


If others have been critical of your behavior lately it is most likely because you don’t play by the rules like they do and, to put it bluntly, they are jealous. Make them even more jealous today: do something outrageous!


Your generosity knows no bounds. All anyone has to do is ask for your help and you will do what you can with no questions asked. But does everyone who needs your help really deserve it? Save your best for those who do.


Today’s cosmic picture promises a surprise of some sort, and while there is nothing to fear it might be wise to stay on good terms with family and friends. Besides, good times are better when you choose to share.


You need to narrow your focus a bit. You need to home in on what is truly important. You can make things easier for yourself by cutting out of your life all those things (and those people) that just waste your time.


The more your friends push you to get involved in something they promise will be a lot of fun the more you should resist. It may be fun to them but to you it is just one big bore. You’ll have more fun alone.


Others may pour cold water on your aims but only because they are jealous that you are so ambitious and fear that you will eclipse them with your talent — and they’re right, you will. Ignore them and follow what your heart tells you.


You tend to get what you want in the end but if you are too ruthless you could turn people against you. That may not worry you now but what about later when you need others’ help? Do you think they’ll give it?


Some topics are best avoided today. You may be in the mood to be controversial but the planets warn your reputation could suffer if you say the wrong thing – and you WILL say the wrong thing.


You seem to be working harder than ever. No sooner do you get one task out of the way than another lands in your lap. Don’t worry, as from now things will get easier – and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.


You seem to be moving in a completely different direction to everyone else, but that’s okay — in fact it’s good. Someone has to have the courage do what is unfashionable but correct and that someone, at this moment, is you.


You may find it hard to explain how you feel today but that’s okay. Those who know you best and who count the most will recognize the signs and give you the love and support you so clearly need.


cut back on the things in your life that are no longer needed and just taking up space. On the work front especially you have taken on far too many tasks — hand some of them back.


Make sure your dreams are realistic — that is, make sure you have at least some chance of reaching the goals you set yourself. Some things are simply beyond your powers to manifest at the moment, so don’t get carried away.


The Sun’s transit of the midheaven area of your chart makes you intensely ambitious but you don’t be too eager to make changes. There are all sorts of options open to you now. Take your time and make the right choice.


It may annoy you that a friend or a family member seems incapable of seeing your side of the story but getting hot under the collar about it won’t change a thing. Pretend you have not noticed their antagonism and carry on as before.


Stick to your principles, even if by doing so you lose out financially. Everything you gain must be at the cost of honest endeavor: if it is not you will lose out in ways you had not expected further down the line.


If you feel as if you are trapped in a dead end job with no way out then obviously you are doing something wrong. Start thinking seriously about a career change. What do you really want to do? Make it happen.


You seem to have been in a rather downbeat mood of late, but you will cheer up considerably over the next 24 hours. A friend you have not seen for a while will come back into your life — and that’s reason to smile.


The reason you have lost interest in something is because your attitude towards it has changed. The reason your attitude towards it has changed is because you now see it is not so important. Help others see it too.


You may be eager to get your hands on some extra cash but don’t make promises you may not be able to keep. Your financial situation is not as dire as you seem to think it is, so steer clear of negative thoughts.


You may wonder if you really deserve all the good things that are coming your way, especially as others don’t seem to be enjoying the same sort of luck. Of course you do: you earn everything you get in life.


You have been far too negative and self-critical of late. You need to stop comparing yourself to some unattainable ideal of the kind of person you should be. You are who you are for a reason – so enjoy being yourself.


Cosmic activity in and around your opposite sign makes it appear as if you are losing control but only because you are trying to hold on to what you no longer need. Let go, and life will be fun again.


If you find yourself being nudged in a new direction you are advised to relax and let it happen. The changes taking place around you may be disruptive but out of disruption will come new opportunities.


The planets are generally in your favor at the moment but you must not take too much for granted. Today’s omens warn you could be in serious trouble if you gamble unwisely, especially with other people’s money.


You will get the proverbial offer you cannot refuse today but your sixth sense will also warn you that it’s too good to be true. Someone is painting a picture that bears no resemblance to reality. Ignore it.


You may be worried about your money situation but that’s okay because it will encourage you to search harder for a solution. A friend or relative will come up with an idea to improve your cash flow. It’s a good one.


When dealing with family feuds it is always a good idea to stay neutral and that is very much the position you need to adopt today. Keep your personal feelings out of it if you want loved ones to trust your advice.


Keep your ideas to yourself over the next few days, because if your rivals get an inkling of what you are planning they may try to beat you to it. The last thing you want is to have to start before you are ready.


You may be inclined to fear the worst but you are also intelligent enough to know that it’s pointless worrying about things you cannot control. Today’s cosmic outlook will give you the strength to accept what happens.


You can be somewhat stubborn when the mood takes you and with mind plant Mercury close to Pluto in your opposite sign you won’t give way on anything today, no matter how petty or small. Just remember it works both ways.


Almost anyone will do almost anything you ask of them today — so ask away. It seems the whole world wants to do you a favor, and being the nice guy you are you see no reason to deny them what makes them happy!


You are about to be given the chance to make amends for something you said — or something you should have said but did not. It may not be easy admitting you were wrong but it’s not the end of the world.


The pace of life is about to move up a gear. Are you ready? No doubt you are raring to get started on all those big ideas that are swirling around inside your head, but pace yourself sensibly — no one expects you to do it all at once.


It’s okay to go off on your own and do your own thing but don’t do it too much or others might start getting a bit suspicious. You don’t want them thinking you’re up to no good. That’s just not true — is it?


If you talk to someone whose ideas you tend not to agree with today you may be surprised to learn that you are not so far apart in your views after all. Keep talking. There is more to discover.


Something will happen that annoys you intensely and a falling out with a friend or work colleague is quite possible. However, before you go on the warpath make sure you’ve got your facts right. It could save a lot of apologizing later on.


So much is possible for you now, so much is there for the taking, but you are still holding back. Why? As limitations planet Saturn turns retrograde today the way ahead of you is clear of obstacles — so get moving!


Change will happen whether you want it to or not, so stop trying to avoid the inevitable and become one with the future and all the new opportunities it brings. You have nothing to fear and everything to gain.


If you need assistance with a business problem or money matter now is the time to ask for it. Friends and family members will be more than happy to help you out with advice, but steer clear of asking them for cash. You don’t want or need to be in their debt.


You won’t lack for opinions today, and that’s good, but make sure everything you say is based on fact, not hearsay or wishful thinking. It won’t do your reputation much good if you are caught out by someone who is your intellectual inferior.


It would be smart to keep your opinions to yourself over the next 24 hours, but it’s unlikely you will do so. Maybe it’s for the best. Maybe it’s time you laid down the law. But make sure you stick to the law too.


Cosmic activity in the most sensitive area of your chart urges you to be kind to yourself. You may look tough on the outside but on an inner level you are struggling with doubt. That’s okay. No one expects you to be perfect.


You may be tempted to break the rules to get ahead of a rival but the planets warn that’s not a good idea. Even if it works in the short-term you will lose out in the long-term. It’s all about trust.


Whatever good things happen over the next 48 hours – and there are sure to be plenty – you will still feel vaguely unsatisfied. Don’t worry: in a matter of days your world will become a happier, sunnier place.


Because the Sun is transiting the most dynamic area of your chart you must aim higher than ever before. You will never forgive yourself if you fall short because you fear you won’t be good enough. You’re always good enough.


You are who you are for a reason and no one has the right to demand that you be different. Someone may think they have forced you into a corner but they’re mad if they think you will change.


You seem to be hitting all your targets and fulfilling all your ambitions now that the Sun is transiting your birth sign. Good for you, but don’t forget that not everyone is having it so easy. What can you do to ease a loved one’s pain?


As Mercury, your ruler, changes signs today you will find it easy to understand why partners and loved ones are so desperate for a change of scenery. Thinking about it, you could do with a vacation too.


Make good use of your talent for getting people with very different personalities to work together toward a common goal. Take the lead and show them how much can be achieved if, for once, you all pull in the same direction.


You’ve kept your head down of late but you will be less fearful today about the path you are planning to take. Yes, of course, some people won’t like it, but do they matter? No they do not. It’s what you want that counts.


Be careful what you agree to today because nothing is quite what it seems. The more someone tries to persuade you that their plan is foolproof the more suspicious you should be. There’s no sure thing.


You’ll get all excited about something today, and that’s good, but don’t get carried away or you might lose your sense of perspective. It’s a fun situation, for sure, but don’t spend all your precious time and money on it.


You will be more sensitive than usual over the next two or three days, so go easy on yourself and steer clear of people and situations that tend to make your blood boil. The more time you spend at home the happier you will be.


As Mercury, your ruler, is linked to Neptune, planet of universal love, today you won’t want to make a fuss about anything. Just be careful others don’t take advantage of your laidback attitude. You’ll care if it costs you money.


Listen to and act upon your instincts. If you proceed on the assumption that your inner voice knows best you won’t go far wrong. If you listen to the so-called “experts” you may go everywhere but where you should be.


Steer clear of a dispute that has nothing to do with you, even if it means putting a friendship at risk. There is no way of knowing who is right and who is wrong, so it’s best not to get involved. This is not your battle.


You may want to give up on something that is proving more difficult than you anticipated but if you do you will hate yourself for it later. What’s a bit of mental or physical pain when the rewards are so great? Stick it out!


You have what it takes to make your dreams come true and no matter what setbacks you may encounter today you must tell yourself that you will succeed in the end. Don’t let anything stand in your way, least of all self-doubt.


The more others say you should be respectful of people in positions of power the more you will go out of your way to show you are a free individual and you bow to no one’s authority. Good for you (and good luck!).


Passions will be running high over the next 24 hours and there may be times when it all gets a bit too much for you. Those are the times when you need to back off and let things cool down a bit.


You may be in the mood to take risks but today’s Mars-Jupiter link warns there is more at stake than you seem to realize. You are strongly advised to seek a loved one’s opinion before striking out in a new direction.


The only reason a colleague is trying to put the spotlight on your errors, such as they are, is because they don’t want others to see their own glaring mistakes. You don’t have to be the fall guy. Stand up for yourself!


Everyone makes mistakes so don’t make a big issue of it if something goes wrong – it’s not the end of the world. The more forgiving you are today the more you will benefit financially and professionally later on.


A more assertive phase in your life will begin shortly but before it does you need to make sure that you are going to be assertive about the right things. What is it that inspires you? Make that alone the focus of your attention.


Resist the urge to start anything new. Your existing commitments are enough to be going on with and unexpected appeals for assistance will add to your workload as well. Why make life unnecessarily difficult for yourself?


Don’t take anything you see or hear at face value today because the full moon has a tendency to warp things. Travel plans are well starred and you will meet some exciting people, but don’t let them lead you astray.


If you believe that you can do something then you will find a way to get it done. If you believe that you can’t do something then no amount of raw effort will bring you success. It’s all in your head.


If someone asks for your opinion today you must be honest, even if what you have to tell them is not what they were hoping to hear. Anyway, they should know by now you are not the sort to pull your punches.


Today’s Mars-Uranus opposition will test your loyalties at home and work, or maybe between home and work. It won’t be possible to make everyone happy, so do what makes you happy.


Keep what you have discovered about a friend or family member to yourself today, especially if it is the kind of knowledge that could cause trouble for them if it were to made public. One day they will thank you for being discreet.


If you want to be on top of your game today then a positive mental attitude is a must. The moment negativity starts to creep in just make a conscious decision to focus on what’s good in your life. Plenty.


As Mercury, planet of the mind, turns retrograde today so the way you look at your life will change. However, this particular cosmic event has a way of playing tricks on people, so don’t make any drastic moves just yet.


Avoid the temptation to take risks that don’t need to be taken. Keep things simple and keep in mind that, while what you get out of life may be related to what you put in, you don’t have to risk everything.


You cannot force people to change their beliefs. The more you try the more they will cling to them. But why would you want to change them? The world is actually a better place for its myriad opinions.


Say what you think and don’t worry that some people night get angry or upset about it. Life is too short to worry about everyone’s emotions — the only emotions you have control over are your own.