Jeden Tag ein neues Überlebensberatung für jeden Stern.
  astrologische Berechnung Jeden Tag eine neue Überleben Horoskop, von einem amerikanischen Spiritist (Ramzi). Gibt jeden Tag eine neue Beratung.
Fische Avoid the middle today. Dare to choose.
Jungfrau Nothing in life is free today.
Krebs Be tough today. Grace is for sheep.
Löwe The sweetest words come today typically from the biggest rats.
Schütze Life is too short for doubt today. Choose your goal and go for it.
Skorpion Be ruthless when it will be necessary today.
Steinbock Nothing in life is free today.
Stier Most problems require only one thing today. Short shrift.
Waage Everything is relative today.
Wassermann Put up with your pain today. Fight through.
Widder Today better feared than loved.
Zwillinge Believing is nice today. Knowing is better.