Jeden Tag ein neues Überlebensberatung für jeden Stern.
  astrologische Berechnung Jeden Tag eine neue Überleben Horoskop, von einem amerikanischen Spiritist (Ramzi). Gibt jeden Tag eine neue Beratung.
Fische Today, the truth denying solves nothing.
Jungfrau Patience is a virtue today. But not for you.
Krebs Estimate it well today. Know who you are.
Löwe Make no mistake today. You will not get a second chance.
Schütze No choice is also a choice today. Make a decision.
Skorpion You can enforce happiness today.
Steinbock Carrying regret . Then you do not understand it today.
Stier Quarrel within the family today. Try to avoid that.
Waage No pity today. Not with yourself. But certainly not with others.
Wassermann Let not determine your future by others today.
Widder Do not divide today. Rule.
Zwillinge Speed and power today. The formula.