Jeden Tag ein neues Überlebensberatung für jeden Stern.
  astrologische Berechnung Jeden Tag eine neue Überleben Horoskop, von einem amerikanischen Spiritist (Ramzi). Gibt jeden Tag eine neue Beratung.
Fische Today, if you're hungry, everything seems fine.
Jungfrau From the sidelines is everything simple today.
Krebs Confidence is not for sale today. Let alone for rent.
Löwe A few friends today. A lot of enemies.
Schütze People that cannot make decisions today. They lose. Time after time.
Skorpion Only fools are never afraid today.
Steinbock Right or wrong today. Your decision.
Stier Do not complain today. Solve it up.
Waage Two types of people today. Complainants and doers. Never join the first group.
Wassermann Do not wait. Only dead people have time. Draw your plan today. And go for it.
Widder If you are beaten today then you strike back. Destructive.
Zwillinge Thinking that things will come naturally today. Stupid mistake.